Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still Learning...

It has been a long time since I have blogged... I'm tempted to say "time flies" but in reality it has been a long three months.
Since I've blogged a lot has happened. Biggest news first: I graduated college. A tad anti-climactic considering I have more school starting in September. But exciting nonetheless.

There were a few things I was not quite prepared for this summer:
-Most of my close friends having real jobs and not being able to hang very often.
-Spending a lot of time watching TV (mainly "How I Met Your Mother" after going on a mad buying spree at Target)

On the plus side, I have seen my lovely boyfriend quite a bit which is a nice change of pace from only seeing each other on the weekends!
And... I am working on being a woman of my word. So when Becca and I started talking about me going up to visit her in San Francisco... I decided to be more than just a talker! I had an awesome time with Becca exploring all the touristy things that no one wants to go to once they've lived somewhere for a while (thanks bex).

I got a job at a paint-it-youreslf ceramics studio called Color Me Mine. I enjoy the job but it has also been a rude awakening to the joys of customer service and scary moms from Orange County. I am more thankful than ever for Brett Vowell and Ashley Rotter who were unbelievably amazing bosses who encouraged and challenged me. Lets just say I miss them every day at work!

I continue to enjoy being this adorable baby's Godmother everyday :) I love spending time with him (so mom can catch a break). He is crawling now and just turned 10 months yesterday!!!

Today is the 6 month anniversary of the death of my Great Uncle. In some ways it feels like it happened years ago, and in others ways it feels like it was yesterday. Either way, we are learning to live without him and enjoy the memories as they enter our minds.
With Undergraduate Degree in hand a lot of my school-type education is done. But every day post-grad I realize that I will be learning new things each moment. Some lessons through pain and trials, some from victory and joy.