Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Film

Last year I did a photo breakdown of 2010 so I thought I would keep the tradition (can you call it that after only doing it once?) going with 2011!
2012 holds some very very exciting events: getting my teaching credential (and first teaching job? *Fingers crossed*) and.... getting married! But before that can happen, we gotta get through tonight!

Here is the year in color film ;)

Spent New Year's Eve & Day with my beautiful Godson (who is now huge and talking and running around!)

My dearest Great Uncle passed away leaving behind great memories and bringing the family together to remember.

Sara turned 21 and we celebrated in Palm Springs!
I threw Lauren her bridal shower :)

Traveled to Baltimore during Spring Break in March to serve the local church and do community outreach.

Lauren and Isaac get married!! Luis is the best man and I am a bridesmaid. I watched Elias that night too (more bonding time with nina and her favorite little man)

Sara and I graduate from college- on the same day! A giant party is held on the following day :)
My mom and I go on a week long cruise to Mexico and Catalina. Parasailing, eating a lot, relaxing by the pool... and holding baby lions

Dear friends Blake and Turell get married!!
I travel to San Francisco to visit the lovely Rebecca Wurm

We celebrate Kevin's birthday by riding bikes to the Huntington Beach Pier/ Main Street.
Tamale Party in Long Beach :)

Luis moves out of his house and in with Sara in Huntington Beach!

I start graduate school at the University of California Irvine to get my Elementary Teaching Credential
I get my very first teaching desk in my Fifth Grade classroom!
Elias turns ONE and we celebrate with a Toy Story themed party at the Leland house.

I say goodbye to The Turdette/Club Static/my old car
and say hello to my wonderful new car from the Miller family :)
And I sell my old car to Laura Mancilla (keepin it in the family)

The family celebrates Thanksgiving in San Diego...
Swimming with the dolphins included
{Swimming, Beatles tribute band, Sea World}

Luis and I get engaged in Catalina!