Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lauren (soon to be) Leland

Today we celebrated Lauren and Isaac :)
Lauren has become a dear friend to me and it was
so great to see a smile on her face!
Some highlights:

Spending time with my dear friend

Can't get through a blog about this
without a picture of my buddy!!!

Cake Balls: Always a hit.


New collection of Panties for Lo!

Opened Presents

Knocked out from Partying so hard ;)

I am so excited for Lauren and Isaac (and Eli) as they continue on their life journey together and take the next step as a family.
I love them all and I am so excited to grow old next to them :)
February 26th 2011

Cheap Gift Idea

I know Valentines has passed but don't let the romance die with the holiday :)
Here is a cute and super cheap gift you can make for special occasions or just another day.
This would be cute for friend's birthdays as well!

Craft on!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My God is Greater

Tonight I just can't help but brag on my god...
My God Reigns.
My God Heals.
My God has won the Victory.
My God knows my deepest need.
My God is SO beyond worthy to be praised, forever and a day.
The Love of my God transcends understanding.
My Lord is Peace.
Jesus payed it all.
He gives life.
He is the Truth.
My everything.
Seated on the Throne.
I have nothing left to do but surrender all I am: my life, my plans, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my doubts, my worries, my family, my money, my talents, my failures, my needs, my battles, my victories, my time, my resources, my culture, my human understanding of a sovereign God.
Photo Cred: Jennifer Price
SEEK WEEK 11: Worship Night
February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Music. God. Healing.

During the weeks leading up to the death of my uncle, I was drawn to a song by Sigur Ros and would listen to it every time I left the hospital or needed a moment. The song is in Icelandic so I had no idea what the song was about, I simply liked it. It touched that special part of me and spoke to a hurt that I couldn't explain. Last night I randomly looked up the lyrics. I was touched. Yesterday would've been my Uncles birthday. A truly hard day. I love the power of music. I love the power of God to forgive me and heal my hurts.

Ilgressi Lyrics {Sigur Ros}

You sleep till noon

You died but came to life

The leaves change their colors

You ache- get up and dress

In a raincoat- you keep going into the bleak days

You tear out heart-roots that you stamp on

With you hands in your pockets, been through enough

Walking in wet grass until

It shines on me through the branches

I look up and revive- the leaves change their colors

We find our goals, put down roots

Undress our hearts

We go out into a good day

We plant and we give life and we blossom

With our hands out of the pockets in the earth you delve

Now we remove ugly thoughts

Time heals all, gives life, kindles fires

Flames of a soul

No longer cold, alive again

My soul comes to life, paints the world

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of those days....

It's never fun to have a day where you are reminded just how imperfect you are.
Sounds ridiculous because, technically speaking, that is everyday. But some days slide past and I forget that I don't do everything right or that my way is not always the best way.
Well, now that I officially sound like my own #1 fan... the moral of the story is...

I got my first D in college today. On my Spanish Test. Spanish. The class that I am taking for "fun" because I am one of those ridiculous seniors that had 7 mandatory units left for this semester (and I need 12 to live on campus, keep my student leadership position, and maintain a sense that I am not wasting my life being bored).
In the midst of this mini failure I am reminded of my source of truth.
If I was not a servant of Christ and did not have my identity firmly rooted in His love for me, I would certainly be "that girl" who finds her worth in grades and achievements. In fact, I fight the battle against this all the time.
Hallelujah that God does not find my worth in my grades, my looks, my pay check, my friends.

I will not boast in anything
No gifts, no power, no wisdom
But I will boast in Jesus Christ
His death and resurrection.

I can't stop thanking for for the undeserved Grace and Love that I receive everyday :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sara Nicole Yarchever

Happy 21st Birthday
Sara Nicole :)
Miss Sara has been a dear friend to me for years now and I don't know what I would do without her... Here is a 21 exposure tribute to my lovely friend on her birthday.

21 Reasons to LOVE Sara Nicole...

#1. Sara is the kind of friend that cares about the things that her friends care about. In 2007 we walked the Orange County AIDS walk and prayed for those with AIDS in our surrounding area. I adore her heart for those who are broken hearted.

#2. Sara is one of the funniest people I have ever met. She probably would never admit that she is funny but she is constantly causing us to laugh. Whether its her HILARIOUS faces... or her answers in the game "things" we just can't get enough of this girl.

#3. I love Sara's hilarious scream when Kevin is tickling her or making her mad. Watch out though, her vengeance is scary... she just might pick off one of the music notes from your tattoo.

#4. Sara is a world-class traveler! She has been to Africa and spent the last summer doing Semester At Sea. She has a heart for the world and desires for all to know and trust in the name of Jesus Christ.

#5. If asked to describe Sara in one word it would be: SELFLESS. She is kind enough to follow Kevin and I around as we slowly walk through art museums (that bore her to death).
She is always willing to sacrifice to make others happy.

#6. Sara cares for nobody as much as she cares for her family. She absolutely loves and appreciates her dad and is a great support for her brothers and sister.

#7. Sara appreciates and loves the animal kingdom as much as I do :) Just kidding, thats not very much. She is the only person I know who will legitimately say "Crimson Wing is off the wall" and actually persuade me to watch a documentary on Flamingoes. haha

#8. Sara is extremely generous. She will pay for anything and give anything she can to make someone else's life easier. Even if its her time, she will give it all.

#9. Sara is extremely smart and is graduating from college a whole year early!! She doesn't even realize how smart she is but she can change the world if she puts her mind to it.
I truly believe that God has great things in store for this woman.

#10. Sara is cool enough to have a lip ring if she wanted to.
I don't know many people that cool.
Everybody needs a friend this cool :)

#11. Sara is a great dancer :) Need proof? Just watch her get her boogy on as she plays "Just Dance 2". She is willing to be goofy and I love that about her.

#12. Sara is straight up silly. I love her ability to make every time we hang out fun and memorable.

#13. I love hanging out with Sara because, like myself, she is not afraid to stuff her face with delicious and totally unhealthy food. I never have to feel insecure or judged by her by the amount of food I can consume. She is a woman of God who does not need to count calories to understand her beauty and worth.

#14. Each September, Sara accompanies me to the Women's Retreat with PCC and we grow together in our relationships with Christ. Sara is vulnerable and real with her walk with God and isn't afraid to process life with me.

#15. For some reason ,Sara and I shared the same obsession with finding this "lamp land". We finally found it (semi anti-climatic) and a photo-shoot followed. I love her ability to go on adventures and go with the flow.

#16. Sara is the QUEEN of Birthdays. By this I mean that Sara will celebrate your birthday like nobody else! She will text you multiple times that day, drive you around wherever you want to go, feed you your favorite food followed by a bag of your favorite candy, open your doors, bring you flowers, etc etc etc. I have never felt so blessed as I did on my birthday knowing Sara.

#17. I am thankful that Sara and Luis get along :)
I love the four amigos!
{LAdventures for Life!}

#18. Sara has a deep love for my big brother. As skeptical as I was at the beginning (as any little sister would be), I am so grateful that she is the one taking care of my brother and loving him each day.

#19. Sara is one of the greatest friends I have ever had. When I am going through a hard time I can always count on her. She could be extremely busy (more than I even know) and she is still willing to drive an hour to see me regardless of the time of day (or night). She constantly puts my needs before hers and prays for me always. She sends me gift cards to Starbucks in the mail when I am having a hard week. I cannot repay her for the friendship she gives me.
She truly enriches my life.

#20. On road trips, she is always willing to drive the longest :)
.... even if we all go a little crazy and reenact "the hills have eyes" at a gas station in the desert. haha

#21. Number 21 is simply that Sara Nicole Yarchever is a BEAUTIFUL woman inside and out. She blesses me sooo often and I cannot imagine walking through life without her deep friendship and sisterhood. I strive to be the kind of friend that she is to me.